WinDirStatPlatform: WinXP/2K
Purpose: Windows Directory Analyser

WinDirStat (or Windows Directory Statistics) is one of the greatest free applications around to gain a quick and thorough graphical and statistical overview of any local or connected network drive. The multi-threaded application utilises the smallest amount of memory possible to trawl through and define exact numbers of directories, files, file types and compiles them all into two easily analysed sections:

  1. The standard contracted tree-view (the top-left section of the image) and,
  2. The Treemap view (the bottom section of the image) with colour coded key (top-right)
Both of these views combined help to verify where the majority of your disk is being used up, details on who owns the files, when they were created and of what use or file extension they are, and their comparative size in relation to the rest of the directory, or entire disk.

For the sheer cost-to-use ratio this application is definitely worth your time looking into to further understand where all your disk space is being utilised.


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