Reverie Sound Revue
Based: Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver
Members: Lisa Lobsinger (vocals), Patrick Walls (guitar), Marc De Pape (guitar/synth), Bryce Gracey (bass), John-Marcel de Waal (drums)
Genre: Dream Pop

Reverie Sound Revue are a great indie (in fact, I don't even think they're signed with any independant label) dream-pop band from Canada. Creating the backbone of their addicting sound with some non-abraisive technical percussion is John-Marcel, then adding the funky guitar and bass riffs from the rest of the lads, Lisa is delivered an audibly engrossing platform to send her airy lyrics out on. She's a cutie and has some notably intense vocal talent.

Check their site for a video featuring the lovely Lisa Lobsinger in their first (unmastered and unmixed) release off their first LP of the same name, An Anniversary Away.

There are no current shows scheduled.


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