The Named by Marianne CurleyAuthor: Marianne Curley
Series: The Guardians of Time, I
Genre: Fiction Teen Fantasy

She takes another step. I reach the very edge where the bridge begins; Isabel is no more than a few paces away. But with her back to me she takes another step.
'Isabel! It's me, Ethan! Turn around and look at me!'
She doesn't turn and I realise that I have failed. Marduke was right when he said I'm not the one who will make her turn.
I'm not her soul-mate.
The Named couples the drama and distress of teenage romance and relationship (sans Dawson's Creek angst) with the awe and amazement of time travel and it's repercussions. A very few of The Guardians of Time (the good guys) circulate the many planes of time and place The Named glides through in order to stop The Order of Chaos (the bad guys).

An easy read but never dull. I found The Named a joyful escape to somewhere, someone could be anywhere, and anywhen they wanted. Light on descriptions and preferring brevity in action over that of relationship development; The Named's not going to appease any action buff's needs. But what it loses here it makes up for in storytelling and surprise. A recommendation to all fantasy lovers looking for a light-meal.


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